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Shizen Energy India Named Top 10 Battery Manufacturers 2022 by Industry Outlook Magazine

Industry Outlook Certificate Shizen Energy 2022

Shizen Energy India proudly claims its position among the elite as a Top 10 Battery Manufacturer in India for 2022 by Industry Outlook Magazine. This recognition showcases the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in the dynamic energy sector.

Pioneering Excellence - A Top 10 Battery Manufacturer for 2022

Shizen Energy India has emerged as a trailblazer in battery manufacturing, securing its place among the Top 10 in India. This acknowledgment highlights the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality and sustainable energy solutions.

 The company’s commitment to excellence is a driving force, setting industry benchmarks.

Innovation and Quality Leadership

At the heart of Shizen Energy India’s success lies a culture of innovation that has redefined standards in battery manufacturing. The company’s cutting-edge approach reflects not just innovation but also a steadfast commitment to shaping a sustainable energy future for India.


Shizen Energy’s recognition as a top 10 battery manufacturer in India propels the company into a future of continued innovation. Celebrating this milestone, Shizen Energy India remains committed to pushing boundaries for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.