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Tamil Nadu CM Inaugurates Kilambakkam Bus Terminus: Shizen Energy Leads as Li-ion Battery Manufacturers


Chief Minister M.K. Stalin inaugurated Kilambakkam Bus Terminus on Dec 30, 2023. The terminus transforms urban transit, introducing golf carts powered by Shizen Energy’s Li-ion battery packs for seamless internal transportation. Shizen Energy is a leading Li-ion battery manufacturer.

Golf Carts Enhance Convenience

Kilambakkam Bus Terminus has embraced a novel approach to facilitate smooth intra-terminal movement.Golf carts, known for their agility and efficiency, have been introduced to provide commuters and officials with a quick and convenient means of navigating the expansive terminus.

Shizen Energy's Li-ion Battery Packs: Powering Golf Cart Innovation

Driving this innovation are Shizen Energy’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery packs, ensuring that the golf carts operate with a clean and sustainable energy source. This move aligns with the commitment to incorporating eco-friendly solutions within the urban transit infrastructure, showcasing the technological prowess of Li-ion battery manufacturers.

Symbolic Commute: Chief Minister Embarks on Golf Cart Journey

During the inauguration, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin took a symbolic journey around the Kilambakkam Bus Terminus aboard one of these golf carts. This not only showcased the operational efficiency of the carts but also highlighted the emphasis on embracing innovative and sustainable solutions for urban mobility, powered by Li-ion battery technology.

Mk. Stalin travelling on golf cart powered by Shizen Energy-Li Ion Battery Manufacturer

Lithium-ion Innovation for Urban Transit

The integration of golf carts powered by Shizen Energy’s lithium-ion battery packs, a hallmark from Li-ion battery manufacturers, exemplifies the transformative power of innovative solutions in urban transit. This move not only enhances convenience for commuters but also sets the stage for future developments in sustainable public transportation.


The Kilambakkam Bus Terminus introduces Shizen Energy’s Li-ion-powered golf carts, reshaping urban mobility. Emphasizing sustainable practices in transportation, it provides an eco-friendly means of navigating the terminus. The initiative, gaining momentum, pioneers sustainable urban transit, led by innovative Li-ion battery manufacturers.